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Dr. Brad Harrington is Executive Director of the Boston College Center for Work & Family (BCCWF) and a research professor in the Carroll School of Management. BCCWF is the country’s leading university-based research center focused on working with leading employers to enhance the employee experience.


"Keynote Address on Fatherhood"
University of Comillas
Madrid, Spain
November 7, 2018
"Fatherhood Expert Summit"
Harvard Kennedy School

Cambridge, MA
June 25 & 26, 2018
"Connecting Research and Practice"
WFRN Conference
Washington DC
June 19, 2018


The New Dad: The Career-Caregiving Conflict (2017)

This report does a deep dive into a large sample of today’s fathers to understand, to the degree possible, the source of their conflicted feelings. We look at the ways that these conflicted feelings impact their work, their career aspirations, and their home life. Finally, we offer a set of recommendations for fathers, and for their employers, regarding ways to help fathers work through these feelings to try and alleviate the career-caregiving conflict.

How Millennials Navigate Their Careers (2015)

How do young adults search for jobs? Is there a difference between how young women and young men perceive success? What are employers and HR departments doing that young people see as most helpful to their career success? What organizational characteristics are most likely to increase or decrease employee retention and engagement?


These are the main questions we sought to explore through our research of how Millennials navigate their careers. We hope this study fosters greater understanding and dispels unfounded myths and stereotypes regarding today’s young adults in the workplace.

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